Lomová Lucie - The Greatest Czech Fairy Tales

The Greatest Czech Fairy Tales
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Popis titulu: Lomová Lucie - The Greatest Czech Fairy Tales

The Greatest Czech Fairy Tales are a graphic adaptation of five classical fairy tales by Karel Jaromír Erben. His oeuvre is regarded as the Czech equivalent of the brothers Grimm, and belongs among the greatest treasures of the Czech fairy tale tradition. Three strange friends travel the world for adventure in the story Long, Tall and Sharpeyes. A battle is waged for the soul of a peasant lad by the forces of Reason and Luck. A royal pair of Twins are confronted with the fateful decision of which path to take. A poor cobbler solves his own midlife crisis in Jump, Cudgel, Jump!. Fear strikes all who meet the wooden child, carved from a tree-stump by childless parents, which magically comes to life in the story Little Otik. Lucie Lomová is a Czech comic-book author and illustrator. Her most popular work is a series about two little mice, Anča a Pepík (Annie and Joe) which was also adapted for a Czech television animated series. Lomová´s first book for adults, Anna en cavale (2006), was first published in French and one year later in Czech. Her other books include the story of an indian brought to Prague in 1908 Divoši (Savages), and a crime story Na odstřel (2014). Lomová also collaborates on interactive games and advent calendars for the web page of Czech television.
Kód titulu: 9788072528042
Autor: Lomová Lucie
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