Kelly Miles - 100 Facts on Big Cats

100 Facts on Big Cats
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Popis titulu: Kelly Miles - 100 Facts on Big Cats

100 Facts Big Cats includes key topics about these feisty felines including amazing tiger facts for kids in easily-digestible, numbered paragraphs. Every page features amazing illustrations and photographs that clarify difficult points for kids. This is the perfect guide for parents searching for lion, cheetah or tiger books for kids aged 7+ years. Topics covered in 100 Facts Big Cats: • Discover cats by continent and the many locations where tigers are found. • The design of a wild cat's body to make them perfect predators. • Which species live in groups and which prefer to live alone. 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: • Every cat's favourite pastime is napping. Lions spend almost 80 percent of their time sleeping, lying down or sitting doing nothing. • Though large in size, the puma is not one of the seven species of 'big cats', so it cannot roar. Instead, it makes an ear-piercing scream, which scares both humans and animals alike! • In one year alone, at least 13,500 jaguars were killed for their coats. Activities to make learning accessible and interactive: • Match each cat's bone to its important job. • Animal speed: Put these animals in order from fastest to slowest. • Quiz question: Cats have five claws on their back paws. True or false?
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