Carroll Warren H. - 1917 - Red Banners, White Mantle

1917 - Red Banners, White Mantle
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Popis titulu: Carroll Warren H. - 1917 - Red Banners, White Mantle

A captivating account that narrates, month by month, the events of 1917. This is popular Catholic history at its finest. The drama of the Great War and the Russian Revolution are juxtaposed with the spiritual dimension of the Age: the diabolism of Rasputin, the Apparition of the Virgin at Fatima, the malignancy of Lenin, the saintly courage of (the now blessed) Charles of Austria. Few standard histories have ever given such a high degree of consideration to the supernatural and the Christian interpretation of history as 1917 does.
Kód titulu: 9780931888052
Autor: Carroll Warren H.
EAN: 9780931888052
Rok vydání: 2004
Počet stran: 138