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Banking English
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English is increasingly the language of communication in today's financial world and the specific vocabulary needed to operate in this world is covered comprehensively in BANKING ENGLISH - in an interesting and active way. Through a variety of stimulating activities and exercises students will learn over 750 financial terms and expressions which are used in the world of finance and international banking. 9 units providing language practice in a wide range of banking and related financial topics e.g. the Banking Environment, International Trade Operations, Foreign Exchange and Money Markets, Stock Exchange and Capital markets. Challenging activities designed for use in class or by students working on their own (full Answer Key provided at the back of the book). Extensive glossary explaining the meaning of more than 200 language items including specialist terminology, abbreviations and idiomatic expressions. Can be used from Lower Intermediate to Advanced level.
Kód titulu: 9781900783217
Autor: Pratten Julie
EAN: 9781900783217
Rok vydání: 2011
Počet stran: 112