Jesus & Mary Chain - Barbed Wire Kisses (b-sides and more)

Barbed Wire Kisses (b-sides and more)
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Popis titulu: Jesus & Mary Chain - Barbed Wire Kisses (b-sides and more)

Reedice alba Barbed Wire Kisses kapely Jesus & Mary Chain z roku 1988.


A1 Kill Surf City 3:13
A2 Head 3:52
A3 Rider 2:11
A4 Hit 3:29
A5 Don't Ever Change (Darklands Out-Take) 3:35

B1 Just Out Of Reach 3:06
B2 Happy Place 2:23
B3 Psycho Candy 2:59
B4 Sidewalking 3:34
B5 Who Do You Love 4:04

C1 Surfin' USA 2:58
C2 Everything's Alright When You're Down 2:39
C3 Upside Down 2:59
C4 Taste Of Cindy (Acoustic Version) 2:01
C5 Swing (Darklands Out-Take) 2:28

D1 On The Wall (Porta Studio Demo/F.Hole) 4:50
D2 Cracked
D3 Here it Comes Again
D4 Mushroom (Live in Nuremburg 1986)
D5 Bo Diddley is Jesus

Rok vydání: 1988
Rok vydání reedice: 2015
Kód titulu: 825646087235
Autor: Jesus & Mary Chain
Nakladatel: Warner Music
Jazyk: angličtina
EAN: 825646087235
Rok vydání: 2019