Dickens, Charles - Christmas Stories

Christmas Stories
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Popis titulu: Dickens, Charles - Christmas Stories

Cosy up for a festive reading bonanza with these heart-warming seasonal tales of Christmas by Charles Dickens. As well as the universally loved 'A Christmas Carol', the collection also includes lesser known treasures such as 'The Chimes', 'The Battle of Life', 'The Haunted Man' and 'The Cricket on the Hearth' all packaged in a beautiful hardback edition with jacket. Dickens was a tireless campaigner for social justice and his empathy with the deserving poor shines through in these stories, which often culminate in the change of heart of a misanthrope
Kód titulu: 9781789502367
Autor: Dickens, Charles
Nakladatel: Arcturus
Jazyk: angličtina
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Rok vydání: 2019
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