Kindlerová, Rita, Lyons, Pat - Contemporary Czech Society

Contemporary Czech Society
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Popis titulu: Kindlerová, Rita, Lyons, Pat - Contemporary Czech Society

Answers to These and dozens of other questions are Used in this unique book to paint a broad interdisciplinary portrait of Czech society for an international audience. Using insights from economics, history, politics, psychology and sociology this book uses a question and answer format to explore how Czechs see Themselves and others. Comparisons are made with other European societies and there is an exploration of how Czech social attitudes and behavior have changed over time. This book shows That Czech society is complex and not all Czechs' beliefs and values ??are Consistent. This FACT is Important for understanding contemporary Czech society.
Kód titulu: 9788073302993
Autor: Kindlerová, Rita, Lyons, Pat
Nakladatel: Sociologický ústav AV ČR
Jazyk: angličtina
EAN: 9788073302993
Rok vydání: 2019
Počet stran: 552