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The course consists of 17 sections organized in three distinct alternating paths: countries - to discover the complex world of English-speaking countries from past to present through historical, geographical, economic, anthropological, institutional and cultural content; past and present issues - to go deeper into topics of great cultural significance such as human rights, travel, discovery, migration, economics, war and peace and human achievement; environment and ecology - to reflect on topics linked to environmental protection, such as food safety, water supplies, biodiversity at risk and environmental emergencies.Eyewitness has 2 independent sections: the Mag - a magazine covering subjects that really matter to students - from extreme sports to street art, from healthcare rights, to women in society, from life in Europe today to a look into the future, from current affairs to music; the Voices - an overview of literary texts of different genres giving voice to English-language authors who deal with universal themes in a personal way.The activities are gradual and guided, strongly oriented towards speaking and discussion without overlooking reading, listening and comprehension. In addition, projects stimulate participation and cooperation in pair and group work and make learning more effective. Exercises to prepare for external certificate examinations are market with a special symbol in order to stand out. You can find them marked with EP (exam practice). Eyewitness Culture DVD contains a selection of video clips divided into 3 parts. Part 1 - Countries In their role as eyewitnesses, these young people present their countries to students in an effective and engaging way: Stephen from England Renada from the USA Peter from Canada Rahul from India Jeandre from South Africa Rebecca from Australia Part 2 - Human Rights Drawn from UNICEF material, these sequnces look in more depth at topics dealt with in this Section: Vanesa Redgrave 'For every child' Audrey Hepburn 'The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child' Nelson Mandela 'Schools fro Africa' spot Harry Belafonte 'Schools for Africa' spot Ishen 'Tackling poverty in the UK' Part 3 - Peace and War Using UNICEF material once again, these sequences further explore the topics dealt with in this Section: Interview with Ishamel, ex child soldier Interview with Masika, ex child soldier Ajyal AI Mustagbal Centre, an oasis of peace in the midst of war
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