Gough Julian - Jude in London

Jude in London
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Jude is a penniless Irish orphan, fighting blizzards, bankers and the laws of physics as he walks the length of England. He has not one, but two Quests: to find his True Love -- last glimpsed in the hairy clutches of a monkey -- and to uncover the Secret of his Origins.Within hours of arriving in London, Jude has floored the monkey, won the Turner Prize, battled The Thing, and killed the Poet Laureate. Before the day is out he will be seduced, shot at, kidnapped, and forced to discuss literature with a crowd of Guinness-guzzling authors.But can he fulfill his destiny in the labyrinth of the city, with its ten million temptations?
Kód titulu: 9781905847839
Autor: Gough Julian
EAN: 9781905847839
Počet stran: 352