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Learn to Write Dinosaurs
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Ideal for preschool children, Learn to Write Dinosaurs includes bright photographs and simple instructions to make learning fun. Tracing, matching and drawing activities encourage toddlers to write letters, numbers and words. As they progress, children will become confident with more difficult concepts, expanding their vocabulary, learning number counting, and recognizing shapes and colours. The range of activities allows kids to progress at their own pace. Once completed, kids can mark their work with a star or smiley face, building confidence and a sense of achievement. Then the pages can be wiped clean, ready to use again! A perfect introduction to learn to write books for kids aged 3+ to get a headstart before school. Examples of activities for kids in Learn to Write Dinosaurs: • Follow the line to help the scientist dig down to the dinosaur skeleton • How many baby dinosaurs can you see? Write the number in the box • Trace over the missing letter to complete the word 'dinosaurs' • Join the dots to finish the dinosaur • Practise writing the letters of the alphabet at the bottom of the pages • Circle the colours of the dinosaur
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