Morrissey - Low In High School

Low In High School
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Popis titulu: Morrissey - Low In High School

Low in High School je jedenácté sólové album anglického zpěváka Morrisseye.

01. My Love, I'd Do Anything for You
02. I Wish You Lonely
03. Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage
04. Home Is a Question Mark
05. Spent the Day in Bed
06. I Bury the Living
07. In Your Lap
08. The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel
09. All the Young People Must Fall in Love
10. When You Open Up Your Legs
11. Who Will Protect Us From the Police?
12. Israel
Kód titulu: 4050538337877
Autor: Morrissey
Nakladatel: Warner Music
Jazyk: angličtina
EAN: 4050538337877
Rok vydání: 2017