Jian Li - Snake Goddess Colors of the World

Snake Goddess Colors of the World
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Popis titulu: Jian Li - Snake Goddess Colors of the World

Long long ago, the world was a colourless, gray place. It had stayed that way for thousands of years. People never expected anything different until one day, the colourful Snake Goddess, Nuwa, fell from the sky. She was determined to bring colour and beauty to the gray nothingness of the earth, but all the colours kept running out through a giant hole in the sky. To fix the hole and bring colour to the world, Nuwa would have journey near and far to find the five magical coloured stones that were her only hope for fixing the sky. Join the Snake Goddess on her journey to bring colour to a desolate world.
Kód titulu: 9781602209824
Autor: Jian Li
EAN: 9781602209824
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