Ahernová Cecelia - Thanks for the Memories

Thanks for the Memories
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HarperCollins Publishers: Praise for Cecelia Ahern: 'Cecelia Ahern is queen of the modern fairytale!love, magic, happy endings. And most of all, hope.' Irish Times 'The legendary Ahern will keep you guessing what binds these stories. A classic.' Company 'The key to Ahern's success is her ability not just to tell a good story, but sprinkle it with plenty of laughs, tears, and a little bit of magic' Mirror 'A sensational debut novel that proves true love never dies' Cosmopolitan 'Heartwarmingly good' Heat 'Wonderfully warm and witty!This exceptional novel about bereavement, friendship and lost love is both heartbreaking and uplifting' Express
Kód titulu: 9780007275380
Autor: Ahernová Cecelia
EAN: 9780007275380