Hall Sonny - The Blues Comes With Good News

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Popis titulu: Hall Sonny - The Blues Comes With Good News

Soul searching poetry for a new generation. Inspired by Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, Mick Guffan and others 'who tell it like it is' The Blues Comes with Good News is a collection of poems by prolific writer, Sonny Hall. The collection ranges from articulating addiction, self-destruction and identity, to romantic relationships, his journey to recovery and ongoing mental health issues. At 18-years-old Sonny entered a treatment centre for alcohol and drug addiction, after losing his biological mother - who he remained close to despite being adopted age 4 - to a heroin overdose. Three months into his treatment, Hall started writing poems as a way of ordering 'all the madness' in his head and since then his potent, painfully raw, hand-scrawled poems have amassed him more than 120,000 followers on Instagram.
Kód titulu: 9781529383973
Autor: Hall Sonny
Nakladatel: Bohemian Ventures, spol. s r.o.
EAN: 9781529383973
Rok vydání: 2019
Počet stran: 192