Šegátová, Katarína - The Package of Hope

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Popis titulu: Šegátová, Katarína - The Package of Hope

A set of 31 cards to help you communicate with your own body and soul. It will help you get so much valuable advice and the information you need to find your health, mental and mental vitality and stability. This set of cards will help you find contact with your inner source again, which affects your whole life from birth to the present through your own unique energy. In the package you will find detailed instructions on how to start working with yourself and step by step closer to yourself. You will learn to perceive your real needs, both in personal growth, nutrition, the spiritual sphere and in a more active lifestyle. The cards never criticize you, but they support, appreciate and, above all, explain why the task is important to you. Let your body speak once through its energy and you will experience a true and exciting knowledge of yourself, leading to positive and so desirable changes in your life.
Kód titulu: 9788075681713
Autor: Šegátová, Katarína
Nakladatel: Segatti
Jazyk: angličtina
EAN: 9788075681713
Rok vydání: 2020