Welsch Irvine - Trainspotting

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Popis titulu: Welsch Irvine - Trainspotting

An unremitting powerhouse of a novel that marks the arrival of a major new talent. Trainspotting is a loosely knotted string of jagged, dislocated tales that lay bare the hearts of darkness of the junkies, wide-boys and psychos who ride in the down escalator of opportunity in the nation's capital. Loud with laughter in the dark, this novel is the real McCoy. If you haven't heard of Irvine Welsh before-don't worry, you will' The Herald
Kód titulu: 9780749336509
Autor: Welsch Irvine
EAN: 9780749336509
Rok vydání: 1997
Počet stran: 344