Krauss, Lawrence M. - Universe from nothing

Universe from nothing
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Popis titulu: Krauss, Lawrence M. - Universe from nothing

Internationally renowned theoretical physicist and bestselling author lawrence krauss offers provocative, revelatory answers to the biggest philosophical questions: where did our universe come from? why does anything exist? and how is it all going to end? why is there something rather than nothing? is the question atheists and scientists are always asked, and until now there has not been a satisfying scientific answer today, exciting scientific advances provide new insight into this cosmological mystery: not only can something arise from nothing, but something will always arise from nothing a mind-bending trip back to the beginning of the beginning, a universe from nothing authoritatively presents the most recent evidence that explains how our universe evolved - and the implications for how its going to end it will provoke, challenge, and delight readers to look at the most basic underpinnings of existence in a whole new way in the words of richard dawkins: this could potentially be the most important scientific book since darwins on the origin of species
Kód titulu: 9781471112683
Autor: Krauss, Lawrence M.
Nakladatel: Simon&Schuster
Jazyk: angličtina
EAN: 9781471112683
Rok vydání: 2018
Počet stran: 204